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      Focus on Conical twin screw, barrel production and sales

      Service hotline: 13857229638

      ABOUT US

      Zhoushan Qiyu Machinery Co., Ltd

      Ningbo Plafso Imp. & Exp. C0., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of screw and glue cylinder in China. The company has strong technical force, advanced process equipment, production facilities and perfect testing facilities to ensure the quality of production to meet the requirements. From a variety of screw design: alloy spray welding to various specifications of single screw, conical, parallel twin screw; PVC, EVA, TPR, TR, screw, barrel production. All of them are of high standard and high precision and win the trust of customers.

      All kinds of screw barrel produced by our company are made of 38crmoaia alloy steel. After quenching and tempering, finish machining, surface ammoniation treatment, electroplating (hard chromium plating on the surface) and screw surface spraying double alloy are also available. The barrel surface adopts the advanced bimetallic technology, centripetal casting method, so that the product has high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, improved service life and other advantages Replace imported products.

      Ningbo Plafso Imp. & Exp. C0., Ltd.


      Qiyu screw

      If you have any needs about screw and barrel, please send us a message. We will contact you in time!

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