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      Focus on Conical twin screw, barrel production and sales

      Service hotline: 13857229638

      Parallel twin screw

      About Qiyu

      All kinds of screw barrels produced by our company are made of 38CrMOALA alloy steel. After quenching and tempering, finishing, and surface ammoniation treatment, they can also be electroplated (hard chromium plated on the surface), and the screw surface is sprayed with double alloy. The barrel surface uses the advanced production process of bimetallic technology, the centrifugal casting method, so that the products have high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, improve life and other advantages, and can replace imported products.

      Parallel twin screw

      Product materials

      Alloy-Steel of High-Quality
      38CrMoALA(JIS SACM645)
      42CMo(JIS SCM440)

      Heat treatment

      Nitriding treatment
      Electroplated hard chromium layer
      High frequency quenching
      Spray corrosion resistant and wear-resistant bimetallic layer
      Vacuum quenching

      Screw and barrel specifications

      Φ52/2,Φ62/2,Φ65/2,Φ70/2,Φ75/2,Φ80/2,Φ85/2,Φ90/2,Φ93/2,Φ100/2,Φ105/2,Φ110/2,Φ115/2,Φ120/2,Φ125/2,Φ130/2,Φ140/2,Φ150/2, Φ160/2,Φ170/2,Φ180/2,Φ190/2,Φ200/2,Φ250/2

      Product application scope

      Production of PE aluminum plastic plate, PE, PP, etc
      Granulation of various new materials with high production capacity and good plasticization

      Zhoushan Qiyu Machinery Co., Ltd

      Zhoushan Qiyu Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of screw and glue cartridge in China. The company has strong technical force, advanced process equipment, production facilities and perfect testing facilities to ensure that the production quality meets the requirements. From various screw design: alloy spray welding to various specifications of single screw, tapered, parallel twin-screw; Production of PVC, EVA, TPR, TR, screw, barrel, etc. All of them are of high standard and precision and have won the trust of customers.

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