Pop & Suki Review and Promo Code

As you may already know, I recently became a brand ambassador for the up & coming, starter company Pop & Suki. I have been supporting this brand long before they asked me to become a brand ambassador for them, and I couldn't be happier to represent such an awesome company!

So before I got on to my honest review and some of my favorite products, I'll go ahead and give you guys my discount code that can be used to receive 15% off any purchase at popandsuki.com:

Promo Code: EMMACONTE15

Okay, so lets get into my thoughts!

So, the first thing I ever bought from Pop & Suki was the camera bag in bluebell. (Which I think they might not be making anymore, because its currently on sale for only $137, plus you can use my promo code EMMACONTE15 for an extra 15% off)

But, to be frank, I'm freaking obsessed with this cute lil bag. I was worried that it was going to be too small, but it easily holds all of my cards, lipsticks, Glossier cherry balm dotcom, and iPhone 7. Im not 100% sure if it can fit an iPhone plus, but there is always the Bigger Camera Bag.

Plus, every bag comes with a perfect, long slim strap! There are also countless other options to add on, including the fanny straps (currently $12!!) that I purchased earlier this month. (A fun "hack" with these straps is to use them as fun colored camera straps, like I used in this photo.)

But honestly the best part is the customization option of almost all of their items, which includes some special emoji options (hence lightning bolt). There are several fonts and colors to choose from as well, so its easy to make sure your bag/item will be as unique as you!

So, when it comes to what I will be ordering next from Pop & Suki, it's difficult to say simply because I kind of want everything on the website. I already own the camera bag in bluebell, fanny straps in bluebell, and a customizable phone case (I will update this post once i receive those items, as they are still in transit).

But, a few more of my top contenders:

I really hope you guys try out this brand! And please let me know how you like your item, if you do end up ordering!

love ya,


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